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Island Music / Daves Records

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Daves Records / Island Music

671 Harper Rd,

Upper Realm,

Quadra Island, BC.





I opened a music store in 2005 on Quadra Island, never fully expecting to make a big splash, or stay in business in such a small economy as in my community.

Business started well enough and maintained as a music store for about 5 years in that incarnation. 'Island Music' as it is known, is located in the well hidden-away 'Upper Realm' upstairs area of the 'mall' at Quathiaski Cove, above Tru-Value foods and the 'Lovin' Oven' Pizzeria . As sales dropped and population seemed to shrink, thoughts of closing had crossed my mind.


Then one day I thought I'd throw out a couple of records mostly as an experiment to see if it would take off. Right at that time vinyl was making a come back in the U.K. and my sales reflected the modest resurgence. Ever since I have, mostly driven by generous donations and my own personal record collection, established myself as 'Dave's Records', a subsidiary of 'Island Music'.


I always had a dream since I was a kid, of owning or working at a record store, as a friend and I were serious collectors from the age of fifteen and frequented the local record outlet in the city I grew I up in, St. Louis, Missouri, which had then a vibrant record scene. Vinyl is still big in the US as the local corner record shop now occupies a former public library building.


Music is my passion on many levels. My other fields of endeavour are that of a professional musician (saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano and percussion) and teacher, where I held music lessons out of my store.  I work primarily during the season as a musician playing resorts, dining rooms and pubs locally and regionally. I am also available as a pick-up musician and am interested in getting work in a touring / festival band.


Vinyl records are still alive on Quadra Island. My hopes for the future of 'Dave's' Records' is primarily one  of survival and longevity.


Dave Blinzinger


Dave's Records / Island Music


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Coincidentally, our heritage Hotel / Pub, the Heriot Bay Inn just added a new addition to include a music stage and decided to vinyl side the outside with records. So, out of the finest of my records from the 'free' box, I donated roughly 60% of the siding which can be viewed on the south parking lot of the HBI.


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